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Teaching Redemption Redemptively: Theological Educators in Dialog


Aside from actually teaching, nothing has aided my growth as an educator more than talking with experienced, respected teachers; particularly those in my discipline: theology/worldview. It’s hard to think of two living teachers more esteemed in the field than Dan Kunkle and Dan Ribera.

Mr. Kunkle has been the longtime worldview teacher at Phil-Mont Christian Academy in Philadelphia, PA (to learn more about Kunkle, check this out). And on the other coast, Dr. Ribera teaches bible at Bellevue Christian School just outside of Seattle, WA (to learn more about Ribera, check this out). Together, they have close to 80 years of teaching experience.

I recently engaged in some shoptalk with the Dans (Dani?). While I had high expectations for the exchange, I couldn’t have anticipated just how rich their insights would be. With permission, that conversation is reproduced below: (more…)

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Interview with Mark Horne on the Life of J.R.R. Tolkien

In honor of Tolkien’s death on this day in 1973, we are reposting this interview:

Pastor Uri Brito sat down in 2010 to talk with author, Mark Horne, to discuss the life of J.R.R. Tolkien and Pastor Horne’s biography on Tolkien.

“It was through The Hobbit and the three-volume The Lord of the Rings that Tolkien became a literary giant throughout the world.  In his fiction, which earned him the informal title of “the father of modern fantasy literature,” Tolkien presents readers with a vision of freedom- nothing preachy- that a strong, unequivocal faith can transmit.”

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Interview with Gary DeMar on his latest work: “A Beginner’s Guide to Interpreting Prophecy”

bgtibp_Page_1_largeIn this interview, Uri Brito speaks with Gary DeMar, author of A Beginner’s Guide to Interpreting Prophecy. 

For many Christians, interpreting Bible prophecy is a complicated task. As a result, they often turn to so-called Bible experts and complicated charts that include gaps in time, outrageous literal interpretations, and numerous claims that current events are prime indicators that the end is near. Many Christians are unaware that the same Bible passages have been used in nearly every generation as “proof” that the end or some aspect of the end (the “rapture”) would take place in their generation.

They’ve all had one thing in common: They’ve all been wrong.


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Following up on Following Bell: An Interview with Dustin Messer

dobsonIn this interview, Uri Brito talks with Dustin Messer, author of the article, Following Rob Bell: The Edges of Faith and the Center of the Zeitgeist at Kuyperian Commentary. The article has drawn over 60,000 views and continues to be discussed on social media. In this brief interview, Messer adds a follow up to the diverse response he has had since the article’s publication.

Listen now:

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Sandlin on Christian Culture


I’ve highlighted the work of P. Andrew Sandlin, president of the Center for Cultural Leadershipbefore.  I find Dr. Sandlin to be one of the most articulate, compelling, and capable defenders of a uniquely Christian cultural engagement. Dr. Sandlin calls the interview below “the most wide-ranging” he’s done. From revivalism, to environmentalism, to the health and wealth gospel, Dr. Sandlin sets a great example of how to apply the Christian worldview. As someone in education, I especially appreciated his comment that, historically, there’s never been a distinctly Christian culture without a serious focus on Christian education. Hopefully, after listening to the interview, you’ll want to dig deeper into his work. If that’s the case, I highly recommend his book Christian Culture: An Introduction (which John Frame calls “biblical, accurate, insightful, and concise.”).

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Interview with Brian Godawa on his Latest Novel, Jesus Triumphant

In this interview, Brian offers a beautiful picture of redemptive history from the Nephilim in Genesis 6 to the triumphant arrival of Jesus, the sin-crusher. Brian’s extensive knowledge of Ancient Near Eastern narratives and his provocative analysis of Genesis offers a fascinating look at a mysterious and controversial aspect of biblical revelation.

You can purchase the entire series here.

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Interview with Dr. David Goetsch on Taking Your Faith to Work

Kuyperian Press is pleased to  announce its third publication, Taking Your Faith to Work: How Christians Can Succeed in Secular Careers. I was able to sit down with David and talk to him about this publication.

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