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Doctor’s Orders

This is an excerpt from an article published by Biblical Medical Ethics, Inc

Defining the Christian Doctor


“What does it mean to be a Christian doctor? It means first to be a Christian, striving to please God in every area of life. It means to exercise that in our calling, our vocation. We must serve God in serving our fellowman. We must serve our fellowman by listening to his complaints and ailments. We must serve by comforting him, teaching him about his illness, diagnosis and prognosis, and treatments; but most importantly, we serve by reminding him that there is no comfort outside of Christ. We advise, and counsel, and rebuke on occasion. We sometimes use drugs or other remedies, if they may benefit; but we use nothing without thankfulness to God, asking for his blessing in its use. We seek daily to see God’s hand in his world. We recognize that to ignore God’s hand is to deny him. We treat the patient as fallen, a sinner in need of redemption far more than he needs our medicine. We remember that the patient has responsibility for himself before God, that we cannot force others to pay for his care, nor can he. We remember that resources are limited, and that medicine is not the highest priority.” ~ Robert Maddox, MD a b

For more from Doctor Maddox on the topic of medical ethics, refer to his three-part lecture series from the 2012 AAPC Pastors’ Conference: American Idols, available from Auburn Avenue Media


Dr. Rob with Peru Mission in 2012

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  1. Dr. Rob Maddox is a Ruling Elder in the CREC and a member of Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church of Monroe, LA  (back)
  2. HT: to my friend Deacon Ed Lang, headmaster of Geneva Academy of Monroe, for pointing me to this excellent resource  (back)

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