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Hospitality (Hebrews 13:3 and Genesis 18)

Guest Post by Mark Nenadov

By the oaks of Mamre

Abraham and Sarah received some company

He promised a piece of bread

they got a marvelous feast instead

they had some important thing to proclaim

Abraham would have a child to bear his name.


Abraham set before them a noble plate,

under the tree–there they ate

and they revealed the coming of a heir

in a line which would yield

the incarnate Son of God lovely and fair

whose kingdom is a “sell-all-and-buy-this field”

and who is precious as no pearl can compare.


But let’s pull out another lesson now

don’t get weighed down by selfish cares

invite some friends and make some chow

by hard work you can pull it off somehow

for in hospitality God often visits His people unawares.

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