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Top Ten KC Posts for 2017

Here is a list of the most popular articles from Kuyperian Commentary in 2017.

We will begin with a few honorable mentions that we thought were important to our vision.

In June, there was a broad discussion on how to teach Christian Worldview that Dustin Messer was part of. He wrote A Few Cheers for Worldview Education interacting with a number of bloggers on the issue and in particular Rod Dreher’s critique. There were two posts in this series with Dustin defending the purpose and goal of worldview discussions. Here is the second part which lists out several of the key bloggers in the discussion.

A second honorable mention goes to David Koyzis. He joined the Kuyperian team this year and he had a series in August on Abraham Kuyper and Pluralism: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and  Part 4. In these pieces, he sketches the pluralism we find in our world and suggests a way forward by looking at how Kuyper would view this issue.

Now to the countdown:

10 Uri Brito, our founder, wrote a post titled 10 Ways to Keep Easter this Easter Season. Lots of good practical ideas here for that season of the year.

9 Steve Macias wrote a post about The Prayer of Humble Access. This is a discussion on one of the prayers for communion that is found in the Book of Common Prayer.

8 Steve had another popular post on The Unlikely Ascension of Jesus. This article unpacks the significance of this moment in Jesus’ life and how the message of the gospel is that Jesus is seated as king right now.

7 Steve also took a swing at Feminism arguing that it is a Self-Defeating Movement. Feminists have sought to throw off submission to particular men and have looked to the state to give them this freedom. The result is that they now find themselves in subjection to “The Man”.

6 Dustin Messer wrote a piece connecting the Disney musical from this year and Revelation: Beauty and the Mark of the Beast. In this piece, he argues that the movie emphasizes the importance of waiting on redemption just as the Beast lets Belle go even though she is his last hope.

5 Uri was back with a post on Musical Segregation. In this post, he makes the claim: “Churches that segregate musically are bound to segregate corporately.”

4 Luke Welch posted a preview of his podcast discussion with Thomas Purifoy, the creator of the documentary Is Genesis History. The podcast can be found here and here. Luke suggests that old-earth views have to do some theological wrangling to making Genesis and history work. People will call Genesis a “true myth”. But this manipulation ultimately hurts other parts of the Bible: the origin of death and sin, the second Adam, etc.

3 Jesse Sumpter, who joined the crew this year, wrote a piece titled Why Good Christian Art is Not Enough. In this piece, he critiqued the idea that we need more Christian art in order to have an impact on our secular culture. We need the gospel first before we will be able to have any lasting impact on our culture.

2 Andrew Isker wrote a piece offering an additional component to Rod Dreher’s book. Andrew suggested what he calls the Boniface Option. This is a call for men who love Jesus to follow the example of Boniface who took his axe to the tree of Thor and removed the idol of his day. We need more idol smashers in our day. The second part of the post can be found here. There is a podcast discussion with Andrew as well.

1 The most popular piece on Kuyperian Commentary in 2017 was by Dustin Messer: Should the Church Invite Uncle Same into the Sanctuary. This was a piece critiquing the growing practice of churches to celebrate the 4th of July by singing hymns to America rather than to God. Messer suggests that religion and politics will always be intermingled but the influence should run from the Church into politics, not the other way around.

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