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Where is Ron Paul’s name?

Lew Rockwell links to the absurd media deletion of Ron Paul. Pajamas Media has taken out Ron Paul’s name on the basis of his percentile in the Gallup Poll. Never mind the superb placement of Ron Paul on major internet sites including MSNBC and others. However, the warmongers do not want to support war haters. This is their reason behind this despicable move:

Therefore, this week three Republicans who achieved one percent in the new Gallup Poll – Jim Gilmore, Mike Huckabee and Chuck Hagel – have been duly added. Mike Gravel (Democrat, week 16’s runner-up) and Ron Paul (Republican, week 16’s winner) have been removed from the poll because they did not reach one percent on Gallup. If and when those latter candidates again reach one percent, we will reinstate them the following week. Their supporters may be disappointed for now, but it is worth pointing out – and Pajamas Media takes no pleasure in doing this – that their successes on the Pajamas Media Poll evidently did them little good on national polls. We encourage Gravel’s and Paul’s supporters to work hard to make an impact on the next Gallup Poll, so we can put their candidates back on the list. The same goes for supporters of other candidates who have not yet appeared on our poll.

Here is the absurdity of it all: The Gallup Poll does not seem to think it is actually that important this far from the election. Gallup’s website reads:

Poll results at this phase — nine months before the first primaries and caucuses — do not necessarily bear a strong relationship to the reality that unfolds in the election year itself.

If it doesn’t bear a strong relationship, then why on earth is Pajamas Media deleting Ron Paul and Mike Grave’s name? One reason: The war must go on. 

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  1. JTaverner says:

    “One reason: The war must go on.”

    This is a correct assessment. Neocons —like those at PJM— care more for Israel than the USA, hence our ever broadening war in the Middle East on their behalf.

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