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Who needs Charisma?

I realize charisma is something necessary today in our world of entertainment, but charisma is not something we need in the Executive office. John Stossel and Gary Demar, both whom I highly respect and admire, said that they support Ron Paul’s platform, but in the end he is just not charismatic enough. Who needs charismatic leaders in the office? Are we so blinded by Hollywood that we believe that the man who will run the highest office in the country needs to awe the nation with his rhetorical abilities? Last I checked, Hitler was a not a good figure in world history. We need a serious man who is committed to a limited government; a man who will put an end to charismatic charlatans in Washington-this man is Ron Paul.<>okneo.netвиды раскрутка а

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  1. brody says:

    Exactly, Thomas Jefferson didn’t have the charisma that Stossel expects, but he was still a great president and leader. Besides, it’s not necessarily a good thing to be charismatic, it usually just means you’re a windbag.

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