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Church Unity and Mission: An Interview with Samuel T. Logan Jr.




Made up of 67 denominations, the World Reformed Fellowship was founded to “encourage understanding and cooperation among evangelical Presbyterian and Reformed denominations and institutions, and to link those institutions having ministry resources with those possessing vision but few resources. The fellowship promotes Reformed thinking, a Reformed world and life view, fosters evangelism and strategies on missions, church planting and theological education, and promotes international communication for the further advancement of the Gospel.” (more…)

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Interview with David Koyzis on Authority, Office, and the Image of God

This book argues that authority cannot be identified with mere power, is not to be played off against freedom, and is not a mere social construction. Rather it is resident in an office given us by God himself at creation. This central office is in turn dispersed into a variety of offices relevant to our different life activities in a wide array of communal settings. Far from being a conservative bromide, the call to respect authority is foundational to respect for humanity itself.<>биржа копирайта отзывыоптимизация поддержка  а

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Interview with Matt Bianco at Trinity Talk: “My Letters to My Sons”

Letters to My Sons [10:18m]: Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download

From “Letters to My Sons:”

“Once upon a time, fathers had “the talk” with their sons. They used to say it was the talk about “the birds and the bees.” As a young man, I had that talk, not with my father, but with my godfather, John. I still remember it, mostly because I was fascinated by his willingness to tell me “adult” stuff.  Some fathers still have this talk, but it has become increasingly rare and increasingly more difficult to do. For many it seems unnecessary because of all the things our sons are learning in school and from pop culture. Fathers don’t need to talk to sons about changes in their bodies because someone else already has. And fathers can’t talk to sons about the birds and bees part because they don’t have the technical “body changing” stuff to break the ice anymore.  There is more to the talk, though, than just the information that is passed between father and son; the talk itself has a formative impact on the young man.”

In Letters to My Sons, M. G. Bianco writes real letters to his real sons on a variety of topics from love, hate, marriage, adultery, and interpersonal relationships. His letters seek to encourage his sons, and now other fathers and men to understand the basis and nature of relationships so that both parties to the relationship can be fully human.

M. G. Bianco is married to his altogether lovely high school sweetheart, Patty. They have three kids they homeschool together, and he works as the Director of Education for Classical Conversations. Is he a modern day C. S. Lewis? No. But he really enjoys reading him.

Purchase Kindle or Paperback editions of “Letters to My Sons: A Humane Vision for Human Relationships” by Matt Bianco<>rd-teamреклама от яндекс

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Trinity Talk Interview with Doug Jones on his book “Dismissing Jesus”

Kuyperian Commentary has a new added feature to it: it’s Trinity Talk radio.

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Doug Jones begins his book with the following words:

I am spiritually blind. Conservative Christian and blind. I am one of the many who followed the broad path and said to Jesus “I will follow you” but did “not sit down first and count the cost” (Luke 14:28).

On this interview, Pastor Uri Brito asks Jones about his definition of the Church, whether he accepts the language of pacifism to refer to his position, his thoughts on Pilgrim’s Progress, and much more.

Buy Dismissing Jesus by Doug Jones.

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Uri Brito: Interview with Jason Hood

Over at Trinity Talk Radio, I have an interview with Jason Hood, author of Imitating God in Christ: Recapturing the Biblical Pattern.<>оптимизация а под поисковые системы самостоятельно

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Uri Brito: Interview with Christian Counselor, Dr. Chuck DeGroat

Beyond managing this beautiful experiment, called Kuyperian Commentary, I also do interviews with authors and scholars at another website called Trinity Talk. You will find lots of free interviews there. Go ahead. Take a look. I will wait.

Now that you are back, let me draw your attention to the new season of Trinity Talk interviews. This time I cannot afford to make them free. In order to make my extra hours outside pastoral work worth it, there is a small fee ($0.59) to download these. The fee will serve mainly to cover website costs and perhaps the luxury of buying some pipe tobacco.

My latest interview is with Christian Counselor, Chuck DeGroat. DeGroat is the author of a wonderful book entitled “Leaving Egypt: Finding God in the Wilderness Places.” You can download the interview here or here.<>siteпродвижение а для турфирмы

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