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Do This

Rev. Dr. James Jordan is scholar-in-residence at Theopolis Institute. This post was originally found at Biblical Horizons.

(The essay that follows concerns a rather touchy subject: how the Lord’s Supper is to be done. I am not writing to insult or offend, but to challenge. To that end I have not “held back” but have “gone ahead” and said what I think needs to be said — for your consideration.)

There is only one ritual commanded in the New Testament for routine use in the Church: the ritual of the Lord’s Supper. I believe that Satan does not want the Church to do the rite of the Lord’s Supper, and has expended tremendous energy to prevent our doing it the way Jesus said to do it. (more…)

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Peter Leithart to speak at Morthland College in Southern Illinois

The Founders Institute of Public Policy will be hosting two lectures by Dr. Peter Leithart this week in Southern Illinois. Leithart is the president of the Theopolis Institute in Birmingham, Alabama. Both events are free to the public; see schedule below.

Thursday, October 8, 7 p.m.
Washington Hall at Morthland College
202 East Oak St., West Frankfort, Illinois

Immigration After Obergefell — Obergefell v. Hodges is the latest in a string of Supreme Court decisions that have made it clear that American law no longer rests on Christian foundations. The old Protestant establishment is dead, and that means that Christians must assess and respond to public questions in a new framework. Using immigration as his key illustration, Dr. Leithart argues that the church must become an “alternative public” and that Christians must retrain ourselves to think about and respond to public issues more as churchmen than as American citizens. (more…)

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