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Following up on Following Bell: An Interview with Dustin Messer

dobsonIn this interview, Uri Brito talks with Dustin Messer, author of the article, Following Rob Bell: The Edges of Faith and the Center of the Zeitgeist at Kuyperian Commentary. The article has drawn over 60,000 views and continues to be discussed on social media. In this brief interview, Messer adds a follow up to the diverse response he has had since the article’s publication.

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3 Responses to Following up on Following Bell: An Interview with Dustin Messer

  1. […] UPDATE: My friend Uri Brito and I had a conversation about the impetus behind (and reaction to) this post here. […]

  2. Rev. Dan Williams says:

    The main problem with your critique of Dobson is that you do not allow room for a third position. There is a true sheep-protecting role as pastor that neither gives in to culture NOR gives in to the bullying of false “orthodoxy.” Your position has the overtone of “join us (in every detail of Calvinism) or you are a coward.” You are as dangerous as Dobson.

    • Hi, Dan!

      I never mention Calvinism. In fact, I think someone can reject every distinctive of Calvinism and still be an orthodox Christian, a brother in Christ. I’m not sure what you’re basing your criticism on, frankly.

      All the best!

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