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New Publication from Kuyperian Press!

Infant Baptism - You and Your Household_smfront

Kuyperian Press is proud to announce the forthcoming publication of Dr. Gregg Strawbridge’s booklet on infant baptism. The Kindle edition will be available in the next coming days in preparation for his debate with Dr. James R. White on the topic on the 23rd of March.


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  1. David Garza says:

    I’m still on the analyzing side of this topic, Although as a young Methodist I was baptized, as an adult after coming to the Cross and the knowledge of Christ crucified, I was baptized to the confession of my regeneration. I see and understand the reason for ‘infant baptisms’, although I feel that it would be just as apropos to all concerned, that a child of two regenerated adults(by election), that a child should be dedicated before the congregation with the admonition by the pastor to the parents,close family and the congregation for the proper instruction of the child as he or she matures in age, knowledge and wisdom, as gained from the scripture. But by no means should parents or church be prohibited by any authority or governing body from exercising their faith by said action of baptism of infants.

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