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The Uniqueness of Ron Paul…

What is most fascinating about Ron Paul and what makes him different from every other candidate in the Republican ticket are:

a) Ron Paul believes we are to leave Iraq immediately. Even Tom Tancredo, who is the most social and fiscal conservative out of the bunch, continues to believe that the US is to stay in Iraq. Paul understands that maintaining the troops in Iraq is to give them more reason to kill civilians and American troops, and further our economic chaos. Further, Ron Paul knows that when you begin something unconstitutional, you end it immediately.

b) Ron Paul believes in a non-interventionist foreign policy. Unlike the others, he believes that we do better when we trade with other nations, rather than bomb them.

c) Ron Paul believes that it is not the government’s role to educate our children. His reasons that the Constitution is based on enumerated powers and the constitution leaves no room for a governmental educational system.<>продвижение ов в питерепокупка ссылок яндекс

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  1. Cat says:

    President Paul 2008.

  2. ronpaul08 says:

    Let us press on!

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